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(Adapted from How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas)

Volunteer Sites

Look here for the online Glimpse Magazine, an international news and culture publication written by correspondents living abroad -- many of them international volunteers. Featuring articles based on personal experience, Glimpse offers insight into cultural, social, and political affairs with a degree of intimacy impossible to find in most forms of mainstream media.

Volunteer Abroad
A new on-line source for international volunteer positions, teaching positions around the world, Jobs Abroad, study abroad, etc. This is a sub-site of www.goabroad.com which offers travel services, travel gear, and travel insurance.

Association of Voluntary Service Organizations (based in Belgium).
Provides extensive links to volunteer organizations worldwide.

International Medical Volunteers Association
A very comprehensive site on volunteer opportunities in the health field, developed by the. Designed for those contemplating international health service as well as for those already involved. Lots of great resources on the Links page.

American Medical Student Association
Lists overseas internship and volunteer programs, including options for premed and other health sciences -- see Programs section, International.

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Includes a comprehensive searchable directory to Catholic and other Christian overseas volunteer organizations (most focus on areas such as social justice, relief and development).

Transitions Abroad
This is a companion site to "Transitions Abroad" magazine, a bimonthly guide to living, working, and studying abroad. You can access their work abroad related publications, resources, program listings, and articles here.

Idealist, Action without Borders is "the global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources". Click on "Volunteer Opportunities" for a listing by country of volunteer and internship opportunities.

National Peace Corps' Association
dedicated to building a network of returned Peace Corps Volunteers, former staff, and friends of the Peace Corps.

University of Michigan International Center
University of Michigan's extremely comprehensive website on international opportunities for students. Includes an excellent listing of publications and directories related to volunteering abroad. Also information on fundraising, grants and scholarships related to volunteering abroad.

"Best Bets for Internships Abroad" & "Best Bets for Volunteering Abroad"
pages of University of California at Irvine, for student audience.

University of Minnesota ISTC
This site has several searchable databases. Each one produces lots of listings by using the term "volunteer". Searches possible by country and many other variables.

American Council for Voluntary Action's clearinghouse of organizations and volunteer options in the relief and development field; these organization seek primarily those with professional skills.

The website for the recently released "How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas" features profiles of programs and tips on international volunteering as well as information about upcoming events with the authors Joseph Collins, Stefano DeZerega, and Zahara Heckscher.


Fellowships, Scholarships, Funding Resources

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) has two scholarships for US students:

- Bowman Travel Grant: for high school or undergraduate students participating in a CIEE program or program of a CIEE member institution. Award amounts range from $500-2,000. In most cases, awards are issued as vouchers to Council Travel, to be used towards the purchase of the student's airline ticket to their program destination. Application deadlines are usually in April and October. 888-COUNCIL; ISICGrants@ciee.org.

- The Bailey Scholarship is intended to promote increased participation in Council's International Study Programs by members of groups which have traditionally been under-represented in study abroad, especially ethnic minority students. 888-COUNCIL.

American Medical Student Association
Website includes an excellent online guide to fundraising, "Creative Funding for International Health Electives" useful for all students:

Institute of International Education
IIE publishes of some of the best hard-copy directories of scholarships for overseas opportunities, which include grants for all levels of students as well as for postdoctorates and professionals. IIE's databases are available on their website if you have access to an IIE member organization's password. If not, you can find the directory at most college libraries. Search terms "work", "internship", "practical", "teach", "research" all yield a good number of listings.

Reference Service Press
"Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad and Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad" (Reference Service Press). The RSP databases are also available online to America Online subscribers (keyword RSP), or through some university libraries.

Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, and other volunteer clubs
may offer modest funding to individuals planning to volunteer abroad, provided you offer an educational presentation to the club members upon your return. Contact your local club chapters.

University of Minnesota, International Study and Travel Center (ISTC), Scholarships Database
An excellent, free online database of scholarships. Search categories include study, research and internships as well as location and other variables.

For San Francisco Bay Area residents only:

World PULSE, Program for Understanding, Leadership, Service and Exchange
A part-time program which involves San Francisco Bay Area residents between the ages of 18-25 in community service, cross-cultural learning, and leadership development both at home and abroad. Participants are from low-income backgrounds and have not had extensive international travel experience. Most program-related costs, including international travel are paid for by World PULSE. Applications are available in January or February each year. Check out the website or call (510) 338-0874.



The Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career (Ten Speed Press, June 2002), by Elizabeth Kruempelmann

"How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas", (Penguin, 2002) by Joseph Collins, Stefano DeZerega, and Zahara Heckscher is a fact filled guide to everything you need to know about international volunteering. Based on six years of research in over 25 countries, the book includes a chapter about the pros and cons of the Peace Corps, facts and detailed evaluations of over 80 volunteer placement organizations, critical advice on staying safe and healthy while overseas, helpful information about what to pack and interpreting State Department warnings, and special tips for women. The book provides information to make volunteering a financially viable option, and discusses a variety of strategies for becoming an effective international volunteer. For more information contact info@volunteeroverseas.org, 202-489-8908.

"Working for Global Justice Directory", Youth ACTion for Global JUSTice, 1999. A handbook of volunteer, internship, educational travel, or career opportunities in the US and abroad, which focus on global justice. (415) 431-4204, or email info@justact.org.

"The Peace Corps and More: 175 Ways to Work, Study, and Travel at Home and Abroad", Global Exchange, 1997 Edition. (415) 255-7296, or email info@globalexchange.org.

Directory of Overseas Medical Facilities (Project Concern International, OPTIONS) Includes info on 150 medical facilities around the world, for anyone interested in serving as an overseas medical volunteer. PCI's Human Resources Department also maintains a database of potential volunteers and consultants to fill volunteer positions as they come up. Health professionals should contact PCI to order the directory or to have your name added to the database. 619-279-9690, postmaster@projcon.cts.com, www.serve.com/PCI

“The Gap Year Book” (Lonely Planet) Summarizes information for 18- to 25-year-olds who are thinking of taking a year out of full-time study to travel the world, perhaps working or volunteering along the way. Taking a gap year is a rite of passage for many students. Available from Lonely Planet, http://shop.lonelyplanet.com

"A Handbook for Creating Your Own Internship in International Development" includes a workbook to help you evaluate your skills, motivations, and learning objectives, as well as advice on financing your internship, living in a foreign country, and returning home. Available from Youth ACTion for Global JUSTice, (415) 431-4204, or email info@justact.org.

"The Pros & Cons of the Peace Corps" A compilation of articles and interviews with former Peace Corps volunteers, providing insights into topics such as representing the US government, qualities of a good volunteer, general development issues, and more. Available from Youth ACTion for Global JUSTice, (415) 431-4204, or email info@justact.org.

"Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World and U.S. Volunteer Opportunities". (Phil Lowenthal, Stephanie Tarnoff, and Lisa David. 7th ed, 1996, Food First Books) A guide to voluntary service, study, and alternative travel overseas and in the U.S. with organizations which "address the political and economic causes of poverty." 800-274-7826; foodfirst@igc.apc.org

"Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin" (Archaeological Institute of America. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co). A comprehensive guide to excavations, field schools, and special programs with openings for volunteers, students, and staff worldwide, for academic credit or experience. Annual in January.. 800-228-0810; aia@bu.edu.

"The International Directory of Voluntary Work" (Victoria Pybus. 1997, Peterson's Guides), Directory of over 500 agencies offering volunteer jobs and how to apply. A comprehensive listing of volunteer opportunities in Europe

"Response: Volunteer Opportunities Directory of the Catholic Network of Volunteer Service" (1997) Free from CNVS, 800-543-5046 or 202-529-1100, cnvs@ari.net; http://www.cnvs.org Directory of lay mission opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, most of which have an activist, non-proselytizing approach. Listings include some non-Catholic religious organizations. Indexes by type of placement, location, length of time, couples, parents w/dependents, etc.

"Transitions Abroad", A bimonthly US periodical which gives extensive coverage to all varieties of education abroad, from study, working and volunteering abroad, to socially responsible independent travel. Back issues and directories also available. 800-293-0373, info@transitionsabroad.com; www.transitionsabroad.com .

"Student World Traveler", A free quarterly magazine published by and for college students on the US West Coast, chock full of travel tips and articles from students who have done alternative travel abroad. Distributed to 65 college campuses throughout California and Washington. 888-233-0603, etiettme@uci.edu.

"How to Serve and Learn Abroad Effectively: Students Tell Students", (Howard A. Berry & Linda A. Chisholm, The Partnership for Service Learning, 1992), Based on the experiences and reflections of over 1000 students from 140 universities, who have participated in programs of the Partnership for Service-Learning. The book will help students choose a program that is right for them, and will be useful to those who hope to give and get the most through their community service at home or abroad.

"Volunteer!: The Comprehensive Guide to Voluntary Service in the U.S. and Abroad", (Richard Christiano, 1995, Council on International Educational Exchange), Lists nearly 200 voluntary service organizations recruiting volunteers for work in the U.S. and abroad. Organized by short-term and long-term opportunities, with indexes by country and type of work. 888-COUNCIL

"Volunteer Vacations: Short-Term Adventures That Will Benefit You and Others" (Bill McMillon, 1997, Chicago Review Press) Describes more than 250 organizations sponsoring projects in the U.S. and abroad. Indexed by cost, length of time, location, type of project, and season. Opportunities from 1 weekend to 6 weeks. (312) 337-0747

"What in the World is Going On? A Guide for Canadians Wishing to Work, Volunteer or Study in Other Countries", (Alan Cumyn, 1996, Canadian Bureau for International Education), A comprehensive listing of study and work abroad possibilities. Addressed to a Canadian audience, some listings are restricted to Canadian citizens. Indexed by country and field.

"A World of Options: A Guide to International Exchange, Community Service and Travel for Persons with Disabilities", (Christa Bucks, 1996, Mobility International USA, email: info@miusa.org), Comprehensive guide to international exchange, study abroad, volunteer service, and travel for persons with disabilities and interested others.

"Kibbutz Volunteer", (John Bedford, 1996, Vacation Work, Seven Hills), Lists over 200 kibbutzim at different sites in Israel; also includes information on work on a moshav and other employment opportunities in Israel.

"International Internships and Volunteer Programs" (Will Cantrell and Francine Modderno. 1992, Worldwise Books), Well-researched information, much of it not elsewhere, on programs abroad and in the U.S. which can serve as "stepping stones" to international careers, for both students and professionals..

"Working in Asia", (Nicki Grihault, 1996, In Print Publishing, UK), The first and only book to give an overview of all work options, from volunteer to teaching to career opportunities--from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia to Northern Asia. ), Available from Weatherhill (NY) 800-557-5601

"Bridging the Global Gap: A Handbook to Linking Citizens of the First and Third Worlds" (by Medea Benjamin and Andrea Freedman, Global Exchange). Includes a useful resource guide listing organizations involved in various development education projects, from study tours and alternative trading networks to issue specific research and lobby groups. (800) 497-1994 or email info@globalexchange.org.

"Beyond Safaris: A Guide to Building People-to-People Ties with Africa", (Kevin Danaher, Africa World Press, Inc., 1991), Tells how to build and strengthen links between U.S.citizens and grassroots development efforts in Africa; brief chapters on volunteering and studying abroad. Available from Global Exchange, (415) 255-7296

Many of these and other related publications are listed at University of Michigan's website of international opportunities.


International Jobs

"International Career Employment Weekly" and "International Employment Hotline" (monthly). Over 500 current job openings every week. (804) 985-6444, iceo@mindspring.com, www.internationaljobs.org

"International Employment Gazette", Biweekly paper with over 400 current job openings around the world, 800-882-9188, intljobs@aol.com, www.intemployment.com

http://www.overseasjobs.com offers job search options as well as links to other relevant sites.

http://www.jobsabroad.com & http://www.teachabroad.com

ReliefWeb, http://www.reliefweb.int
Click on "Humanitarian Vacancies" for relief work positions in different parts of the world

CARE, http://www.care.org/jobs
Jobs at CARE, Intl.

Human Rights Internet, http://www.hri.ca
Click on Human Rights Job Board

American Friends Service Committee Staff Openings, http://www.afsc.org/jobs/staff.php.

Global Recruitment Specialists, http://www.globalrecruitment.net/
Click on "Current Position List"

InterAction, http://www.interaction.org/jobs/index.html
InterAction is a consortium of development agencies in the US. They publish "Monday Developments" a weekly bulletin which includes job notices.

Idealist, http://www.idealist.org
A great resource on nonprofit organizations and activities, including job postings.

"Opportunities Abroad", monthly newsletter listing jobs available in development, issued by World Service Enquiry and Christian Abroad, tel (UK): 0171 7737 7811, csouth@cabroad.u-net.com

"The Backdoor Guidebook", (Michael Landes, Back Door Experiences, 1996), Lists short-term work adventures (internships, seasonal work, volunteering, adventure careers, etc) with over 1000 organizations and resources. 800-552-PATH (US only), backdoorx@aol.com, www.backdoorjobs.com


Other Resources

Global Envision (http://www.globalenvision.org/ ) is a web initiative of Mercy Corps (http://www.mercycorps.org/), an international humanitarian relief and development organization that exists to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression. Global Envision believes that the more that we understand about the free market system, how it affects us and our neighbors all over the globe, and how it can benefit us all, the better our chances that the global economy will thrive for the prosperity of all. The goal of Global Envision goal is to ensure that the poor are not left behind by globalization, and that technology is used in the developing world as a tool with which local people take advantage of opportunities, instead of one with which they are taken advantage of. Global Envision is advocate for programs that work toward a better world, reduction of poverty, and improved living standards worldwide.

Making a Difference: American Volunteers Abroad, a documentary by Bob Gliner

Volunteer Match www.volunteermatch.org
A nonprofit online resource dedicated to helping people get involved in their community

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources, Wayne A. Selcher, Professor of International Studies, Elizabethtown College, http://www.etown.edu/vl/

Travel with World Neighbors to visit community development projects in remote areas of the world. 800-242-6387, info@wn.org

Global Exchange organizes campaigns and Reality Tours focused on the history or current situation of different countries. 800-497-1994, info@globalexchange.org, http://www.globalexchange.org

Go Work Abroad (www.goworkabroad.co.uk) website focused on finances,
language issues, legalities and practicalities of working abroad.

Culture Crossing (www.culturecrossing.net) website with cross-cultural
information about every country in the world.